It Just Keeps Getting Better

When I began my job at a local college library a few months back, I posted how thankful I was for all of it – the job, the people, the environment, the pay, etc. Since that time in October, when friends and family ask the standard Q when we meet, “How’s work?”, all I can do is beam! “I LoVe My JOB!” I shriek! And I tell you, it just keeps getting better.

A week ago, my mother of 93 crossed over. The staff at work has been so supportive and kind. Upon returning to work today, they had gathered and presented me with some notes of sympathy, garden gifts and money towards possible tools or plants to create a space for my mother in my yard. It’s incredible to have been introduced and connected with such great souls. I tell you, it just keeps getting better. 


One thought on “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. When I went back to college at 35, I checked into requirements to become a librarian. Wayne State had a library of science degree. Too old. I would STILL be in school at 58 if that would have been my path. I absolutely love the library. Bookstores. The feel of books. The smell that escapes from between the pages. You have my dream job. Yes it can keep getting better. It has happened in my life. And it seems to be happening in yours. Embrace it.

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