Treasure Hunting

My daughter and I often go second-hand shopping. I decide early to make an adventure out of it and refer to it as ‘treasure hunting’, explaining that we never know what we might find, but we put our wishes out there and be grateful for which ones are granted. Today, I felt like a pirate finding a sunken treasure ship! First, I found a brand new pair of snow pants with red and pink flowers on them for my daughter for $4.00

Next, I found an entire bag of fabric remnants, none of which was smaller than one full yard of six very brightly-coloured, brand new cotton pieces. Additionally, was a remnant of nearly two yards (x 60″ wide) stretchy fabric for making panties – just the type I wondered to myself where one buys – so I could make my own like the one’s I favour from Target. I also came across a lovely pink glittery dear for the garden, knowing my daughter would just love it! $5.00


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