The Calm After the Storm

Organization brings me peace. Organized people, organized schedule, organized stuff. That’s not to say that a glitch in the system causes disarray, however, I prefer finding tools and supplies where I left them and finding people doing or being what they committed themselves to do/be.

I grew up in on Lake Erie in the 1970’s and we experienced several major floods during those years. Floods which damaged people’s homes and uprooted their lives on a regular basis. As a child, I did not experience the flood as my parents did.  I did not suffer the financial hardship or stress of keeping the family safe or restoring things to be livable again. And it wasn’t until I experienced a major (basement) flood in my own home this August that I had any insight to the mess a flood causes.

A good 8-10 inches under water, and everything on the floor was destroyed. That which was above water level was damaged in the following months by the humidity and bacteria of mould which grew on all cupboards and inner wood walls. All the contents of cupboards had to be trashed too because of the mould.  I could not clean fast enough!!  It had taken me till the end of October to clean up the mess. I bagged and trashed soooo much stuff… lots and lots of stuff that I had previously felt guilty about getting rid of because there was still life in it! The flood actually gave me an excuse to purge!

I am feeling a great waft of peace around me as my basement comes together once more with new (used) cupboards. I still have some sorting to do, but completely did not expect myself to have had such a positive feeling after the results of a flood!

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