My Wish Was Granted

After deciding to return to work after being a stay-at-home Mom for over three years, I visualized a place of employment, not so much where I would work or what I would be doing but rather how I would feel at work, with whom I wanted to work, and how I would be able manage time for arts, nature and friends. I wanted a fitting schedule that would allow me to wake up naturally, allow me time to spend with my developing child, enable me to pursue areas of interest. I wanted to work in an environment with multicultural and open-minded people, an environment which celebrated diversity on all levels. I wanted a stable, clean job where I could grow and be of assistance to young minds, since I believe I have a gift to inspire others. I wanted, additionally, to be paid well and have benefits. Not a short order.

This week, I was hired at a local collage to work in the Media Center in the library. I work part-time, was given a perfect schedule, benefits, a great wage, a warm, friendly, and helpful staff with plenty of strong, empowered, professional women as role models and free tuition for me and my family. How perfect is that? Yup, the universe is Looking Out For Me. Thank You.

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