Feeling Blessed with my Talents

We each have a gift, or several, that is our contribution to humanity. I believe it’s our duty and life’s purpose to realize those gifts and share them. One of my gifts is creating. I am passionate about sewing, glueing, colouring, beading, lampworking, painting and any other form of art-making. And I usually gift those creations to family and friends.
Whilst shopping with my sister, Leslie, she commented on a water-colour painting she saw. The artist had framed it behind glass and then used a gold paint on top of the glass to complete the artwork. To my sister’s discontentment, the shop owner said they do not “ship”. My sister lives 2,000 miles away and could not burden herself with the logistics of shipping it or asking me to do it. So I decided to make her my own interpretation.

What’s one of your gifts?


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