Elizabeth Mitchell, My Mother

Elizabeth Mitchell, my mother, Betty, as she is often referred to, always withheld her burdens and sufferings during our childhood so we, her children, felt safe and secure. If finances were tight, and you gotta know that with all us eleven kids they were, we didn’t feel it. She is amazing with money management. My mother could “squeeze the nickel so tight the bull would shit” my dad used to say.

My mother has never dappled in frivolous; Betty has a handful of life-long friends with meaningful, caring relationships. When we moved far into rural country, where friendships are not easy to establish nor maintain, Betty never gave in to superficiality. One concrete pillar of integrity, my mother is. And she never speaks ill of anyone and doesn’t care to listen to others doing so. As kids, she didn’t even want to hear one of us tell on each other – she never cared for tattle-tales. And Betty never argued with our father in our presence, our parents always portrayed a united front, regardless what sort of differences they may have had behind closed doors.

My mother is Solid… Regal… a Queen on her throne… Strong as Elizabeth 1, My Mother…thank you Mom, for your commitment to commitment. Thank you Mom, for your commitment to us.

(This photo is of my parents at their 65th Wedding Anniversary.)

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