Krishna Patel

Visited Bed, Bath & Beyond at 14 & John R today… unknowingly with an expired coupon. While three employees offered the same solution (go home and wait for your mailed coupon to arrive) one employee, Krishna Patel, overheard my mishap and offered a quick-fix. Krishna asked if I had a smart phone and explained I could get a text offer. When that also failed Krishna didn’t hesitate — she printed off a special register coupon for 20% off.

It was my own fault to have an expired coupon. It was no one’s duty to accept it or find a solution. However, when Krishna Patel stepped in, it was like a the clouds cleared a path just enough for a single ray of light. Arranging time to get out shopping is rare for me and wasn’t likely to happen again soon. Thanks Krishna, for seeing me not as an annoyance but as a fellow human being who needed a break. When I checked out, Krishna’s kindness had so moved me that I even found myself complimenting the cashier!

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